Crypto Trading Bot

External Signals

Subscribe to external signals. Once these technical analysts have spotted a promising investment, they’ll send a buy signal directly to your hopper. Check their track record to choose the best signaler for your exchange.

Completely Cloud Based

Your hopper runs in the cloud 24/7.
As our service is constantly improving, you’ll also be able to enjoy new features instantly without the hassle of installing updates.

A Loving Community

Talk to thousands of other users on our Discord and Telegram. Discuss tips & tricks with some of the most talented traders and get direct help from our support staff. Hop with users from around the world!


Power & Simplicity Combined

Exchange trading is often cluttered. The Cryptohopper dashboard provides unrivaled clarity for advanced and novice traders alike. With the basic/advanced toggle you can decide whether you want to trade on autopilot or apply customized strategies.

Safe and Secure

Cryptohopper trades on your behalf, on your chosen exchange. None of your coins are actually stored at Cryptohopper. This way, safety is maximized for our users.

On top of this, we forbid our users to enable withdrawal rights on their API key. This way your funds are safe on your chosen exchange.


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