How Forex Rebate Works?

As soon as you open your Forex trading account through us , your broker firm will pay us a cash rebate for every single trade . We then pay you back most of this cashback that you can withdraw at any time .

Supported CashBackForex Brokers

Select from a wide range of leading forex brokerage firms . In case you already have a broker account , you can still earn cashback & rebates . Simply select a broker and click the “Details” link or icon, then follow the instructions on the next page. Send us an email with to verify your account. You will receive a confirmation email from us when your account has been verified and ready for forex rebate.

Best CashBack Forex Rate

We provide the most competitive forex cashback and rebates . There are absolutely no other fees charged . Your spreads and commission rates stays the same. The single difference is : as our customer you will earn additional cash per trade , making trading through us a lot more profitable than opening an account directly with the broker .